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Mark Rasmus to Be in Fairfax in May

Posted on 23 February, 2014 at 20:45

Sifu Mark Rasmus will visit Fairfax again, in May, I am happy to announce

For those not familiar with Sifu Rasmus, he teaches what he calls the Science of Elastic Force. In a nutshell, Science of Elastic Force states that, with proper training and relaxation, you can feel the elastic properties of an opponents structure. (tendons and ligaments) and use that elastic property to to off-balance or bounce your opponenet. In Tai Chi circles, this an expressiion of  fa jin.

Sifu Rasmus has other skills to present as well.

For his full biography, please visit his Web page.

You can also check out some of Mark Rasmus workshops on his YouTube channel. Here is a video from that channel:

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Are you interested in studying with Sifu Rasmus in Fairfax? I have studied with him in the past and learned a lot. Let me know what you think!

Categories: Tai Chi Chuan / Energy Healing

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