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Tai Chi Tuesday: Tai Chi Ball Posture for Self-Defense

Posted on 13 May, 2014 at 0:00

(This article is part of an ongoing series examining various applications of Ta Chi postures.)

As we go through the Tai Chi form, we see the Ball in many places — in part because it resembles yin and yang: one hand up, one hand down, wrists curved in the shape of the symbol.

It also has martial application, to varying degree. 

The large Tai Chi Ball we are most familiar with is the posture just before we do Part the Horse's Mane. This posture gives great leverage to striking with the shoulder and elbow. The Tai Chi Ball shoulder strike is very effective when you are fighting multiple attackers, if someone grabs you from the side. 

Another (possibly less-known) use for the Tai Chi Ball is defending against a grab from behind. If someone grabs your throat from behind, turn your entire body in a full 180 degrees, making sure your hands are in a Tai Chi Ball. From the direction in which you are turning, use that side arm as your top arm and use your body weight to break the grip — and follow through the motion to trap your opponent's hands. 

This technique works pretty smoothly when performed correctly.

Categories: Tai Chi Chuan / Energy Healing

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