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Proper Planking: Positions for Maximum Results

 The plank has become a true gym staple. It's good to see many variations of this strength gaining monster. If you are planking, try these body positions for maximum results.

Be sure to have your arms parallel, not triangled. Triangled arms spreads your body weight differently, kind of like a snow shoe, and makes the exercise a bit easier.

Most of us hold a plank on the balls of our feet — and sometimes our feet slide. This also means our calves are engaged. to put more tension on the core, roll forward onto the toes and stay off the ball of the foot as much as possible.

Joseph Pilates said, "Give me five sessions and you'll feel better. Give me 10 sessions and you'll look better. Give me 20 sessions and you'll have a new body."

Joseph Pilates exercise regime was originally called Contrology. This discipline was derived from years of studying, body building, gymnastics, Kung Fu and wrestling.

Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara opened their first studio in New York after World War I. Most of his clients at that time were dancers. 

Dancers need to have it all: strong sinewy muscle, great flexibility and stamina.

So, if you are looking for lean strength and better flexibility, it doesn't matter if you are a competitive athlete or if you are preparing for the beach. Let David show you how strong you can be without expensive gym equipment.

David teaches Pilates classes in the City of Fairfax and is available for individual instruction or group classes. 

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Click on the video above to learn proper technique for birddog positioning.

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