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David teaches Tai Chi and various fitness classes around Northern Virginia, including pilates and tabada.

Click on the Workshops link

for information, and follow the links to enroll.

Want to drop in and try a class? Email David for information!

In-person Tai Chi Principles workshops resumed in Fairfax, Virginia. Visit the Workshops page for details.

Protect your self energetically Workshop March 9. 10:-2:00 PM 10200Antietam Ave Fairfax VA 22030

Now Available:

Weekend-Only Healings in

Fairfax, Virginia

David Cohen and AaronGreen, a senior student of Bruce Frantzis Will tech you how to Not absorb others energy in public, during partner work and healings. Cost of the workshop is 60.00 US Payable by cash, or check on site. Day of the workshop. Please visit the contact us, to sign up. Please leave your name, and you plan to attend the event!

Make an appointment today to rid yourself of pain in an hour — or less.  

Among the ailments David is able to cure are plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve pain, low-back pain, tinnitus, and neuropathy.

Additionally, David can teach you how to decrease arthritis pain and other inflammation and discomfort.

Consultations are confidential.

Click here to contact David today for your appointment.

For health and safety purposes, you must wear a masks at your appointment.

No exceptions.

Visit this site often for updated information on courses and programs, as well as blog entries.

Fa Kung - Energy Healing, Tai Chi Chuan

De-stress. Gain balance,

relieve pain from injury and disease with Eastern



Pilates Mat Training

Move better. Feel better.

Give this a try for more muscle symmetry and functional movement.

Helping you get healthy from the inside out.


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