Get in Shape With David

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Get in Shape With David:
Helping You Meet Your
Health and Fitness Goals

Get in Shape With David helps people meet their health and fitness goals and achieve general well-being. 

David Cohen, a personal trainer with a decade of experience, uses corrective exercise, Tai Chi, Fa-Kung energy healing, yoga, tabada, and Pilates.

He helps clients in the central Fairfax, Virginia, area by providing a variety of offerings, including private sessions, energy healing sessions, and group classes. 

Peruse the website to see what services David offers and what resources he recommends— and, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Visit this site often for updated information and interesting blog entries — there's always something new!

Fa Kung - Energy Healing, Tai Chi Chuan

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relieve pain from injury and disease with Eastern 


Pilates Mat Training

Move better. Feel better.

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