Get in Shape With David

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Online Tai Chi Class 

Offered Beginning January 9, 2021

If you have a working knowledge of Tai Chi form and wish to continue practicing while following CDC guidelines, spend an hour a week virtually with David. 

Classes are taught live at noon on Saturdays beginning January 9, 2021.

Courses may be purchased in blocks or as a 15-course unit. Students will receive a downloadable video of the course they may keep to help with their studies.

This 15-week course is best practiced with another person. Consider choosing a partner from your trusted circle, such as a spouse or close friend with low risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you choose someone from outside your trusted circle, please wear masks and gloves and, when possible, practice social distancing during the course.

Click on the Workshops link for the course syllabus, and follow the links to enroll.

Got questions? Click here to contact David directly.

Now Available: 
Weekend-Only Healings in
Norfolk and Fairfax, Virginia

Make an appointment today to rid yourself of pain in an hour — or less.

Among the ailments David is able to cure are plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve pain, low-back pain, tinnitus, and neuropathy.

Additionally, David can teach you how to decrease arthritis pain and other inflammation and discomforts. 

Consultations are confidential.

Click here to contact David today for your appointment.

For health and safety purposes, you must wear a masks at your appointment. 

No exceptions.

Visit this site often for updated information on courses and programs, as well as blog entries.

Fa Kung - Energy Healing, Tai Chi Chuan

De-stress. Gain balance, 

relieve pain from injury and disease with Eastern 


Pilates Mat Training

Move better. Feel better.

Give this a try for more muscle symmetry and functional movement.