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Get in Shape With David

How to train, work out, and learn

with David

Private lessons for individuals and groups available weekdays in Fairfax by appointment

Classes available


• Tai Chi for seniors, 2 pm,

Walter Reed Community Center,

Arlington, VA


• Tai Chi for Seniors, 9:30 am,

Vienna Community Center, Vienna, VA


• Tai Chi for seniors (remote online class),

2 pm, Arlington, VA

NEW: Fly Casting Workshop


If you have ever been interested in fly-fishing or even just had a desire to try it or find out more about it, join David for a few hours of discovery and adventure. In this class, you will learn three different casts — fake cast (allows feed line out), rolling cast, and side arm cast — that will provide you good casting in normal, windy, and very tight casting conditions. Participants also will review and discuss the hardware of fly fishing- the pole, the reel, and line, and will learn how to best match these pieces for the most efficient fishing rig to fit the conditions. Bring your own rod and lures, and David will help you learn how to use them to your best advantage.

Clink on links below for class enrollment information:

Use this form to contact David:

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Upcoming workshops

and events

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Live Online Tai Chi Classes

Noon, Saturdays • January 9 - May 1

Attend the classes as you choose — some or all!

Weeks 1-4: January 9, 16, 23, 30

Nei Gung, Zahng Zuhang

Chi development for sensitivity, healing and power, including Wu Chi posture, abdominal breathing and opening the joints for maximum fine-tuning and sensitivity. Rooting skill. Learn to put your energy into the ground and all the benefits this provides (including health benefits and awareness of others around you). Sink your Chi deeper into the ground, improve the quality of your root. Use your root to unbalance an opponent.

Weeks 4 & 5: February 6, 13

Tai Chi walking and Kua

Explore why the weight distribution, when done correctly, is 80/20 when active. Learn to open the Kua and feel the connection between your hips as you make the turns in your Tai Chi form.

Week 6: February 20

Take what we have learned so far and put into your form: Keep your root, open the joints, abdominal breathing and holding Wu Chi as you practice your form movements. This will give your form a life of its own.

Week 7: February 27

Song: Active Relaxation

To say "relax more" is not correct. Learn to direct the relaxation. Song is environmental as well as directional. This plays a huge part in push hands and self-defense application.

Week 8: March 6

Ting and Na

Feel inside your opponent for tension and structural imperfections. Once you can feel inside your opponent, then you can learn to control them by using skills we have already learned, such as Wu Chi and opening the joints.

Weeks 9 & 10: March 13, 20

Whole Body Breathing

Breathing in from the entire room and from your partner. This will begin the practice of borrowing your partner's chi to unbalancing them. Zahn Zuhang training. A standing meditation that helps build Chi in the body and increases its vibration.

Weeks 11 & 12: March 27, April 3

Beginning Push Hands, Pung, Lu, An, Gi

Putting these skills together with the help of a partner for practice. Giving each other feedback, so there is plenty of learning on both sides.

Weeks 13 & 14: April 10, 17

Self-defense applications

Including loading your root, loading your opponent’s root for pushing power (Fa Jin). Getting more punching power from relaxation.

Week 15: April 24

Fighting with Tai Chi

Putting it all together. Getting a deeper understanding on how Tai Chi fights.

Week 16: May 1

Healing and Meditation

Use Ting and Song to heal others and ourselves. Practice to find your empty space so your Tai Chi becomes more natural and fluid.

Classes may be purchased individually, or the course may be purchased as a unit:

$30 per class ($480 total)

DISCOUNT: pay $240 for the entire course 

All virtual classes will be recorded, and your purchase includes a downloadable video of the class for your future study and practice. Click here to purchase individual classes, or the entire course, at the Web Store.

Tai Chi Principles Workshops

Please note: these monthly in-person workshops have been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please check back for updates on the course material and new dates.

Thank you.

Workshops are held at

Country Club of Fairfax, 5110 Ox Road,

Fairfax, VA 22030 

All form-based workshops include cues on proper form and refinements, breathing, opening and closing the joints for better connective tissue awareness, Chi flow,

and self-defense applications.