Get in Shape With David

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How to train, work out, and learn
with David

Private lessons for individuals and groups available weekdays in Fairfax by appointment

Classes available
Tai Chi for seniors, 2 pm, Walter Reed Community Center, Arlington, VA
NEW! Beginning September 10:
Tai Chi
, 6:30 pm, Vienna Community Center,
Vienna, VA 

Pilates for adults, 7:45 pm,
Green Acres Center, Fairfax, VA

Tai Chi, 8 am and 9:30 am,
Vienna Community Center, Vienna, VA 
NEW! Healing & Corrective Exercises, September 5 - October 17 • 5 pm, 
Vienna Community Center, Vienna, VA 

Tai Chi for seniors, 2 pm, 
Walter Reed Community Center, Arlington, VA

Pilates for adults, 7:45 pm, Green Acres Center, Fairfax, VA

Tai Chi for seniors, 9:15 am and 10:15 am,
Green Acres Center, Fairfax, VA 

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City of Fairfax • Town of Vienna • Arlington County

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Upcoming workshops
and events

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Tai Chi Principles Workshops

Workshops begin at 11 a.m. 
at the Country Club of Fairfax, 
5110 Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 

(1.2 miles south of George Mason University) 

Cost is $40 per workshop

All form-based workshops will include cues on proper form and refinements, breathing, opening and closing the joints for better connective tissue awareness, Chi flow,
and self-defense applications.

February 10: The Major Principles of Tai Chi
Wu Chi, Dong Jing, Song, Energetic Rooting, Three Dan Tien Linear Partner Drills (3 hours)
March 3: 
Opening and Closing Joints, Intent for Martial and Healing Purposes, Form Commencement (3 hours)
April 14:
Part the Horse's Mane, Pung, Tai Chi Ball (3 hours)

May 26:
Brush Knee,  Proper Pushing. and Striking (3 hours)
June 9:
Grasp the Sparrow's Tail (Pung, Lu, Gi, An), Push Hands Basics (3 hours)

July 14: 
Wave Hands Like Clouds (2 hours)

August 4:
Single Whip and Fair Lady Works the Shuttle (2 hours)

September 1: 
Snake Creeps Down, Rooster Stands on One Leg (2 hours)

October 6:
 Deflect, Parry, Punch, and Carry Tiger to the Mountain (2 hours)

November 3 Comprehensive healing workshop. from 9:00am to :500pm  with a 90 minute lunch break.