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Aaron Green

Has been Studying internal skills for, initially through martial arts, then through hands-on healing Chi Gong and Tai Chi. In his Saturday Workshop, Aaron will be teaching tissue lengthening. Learn to recognize lengthening  vs stretching. A core concept for healing and martial skill.

Sunday workshop Aaron will teach opening and closing. Here we will be learning a unique way of opening the joints we will discuss and clarify exact anatomy of opening joints and integrate these movements for a more powerful practice.

Dante Gilmer

Started his Tai Chi studie Tai Chi studies  Washington DC with Scott Rodelll in 1993. Where he learned the Cheng men Ching form and the Yang 

jia Michuan sword form. Dante then traveled to Taiwan to finish his teachers training. Under his teachers, teacher Wang Yen-Nian. Dante is a four year gold medalist push hands champion. Dante will be teaching Basic sword cuts T.T Liang Sword Form. Exporing practical fighting applications. Pen Liu ji an two person drill set.

Charles Votaw

Has  five major form styles.been studying Tai Chi for over thirty years. Hehas learned Charles  currently teaches 37 form and push hands.Charles has studied privately with Ben Lo and continues his studiea with several masters in Taiwan.

Charles will be teachingTai Chis ten essential  points for power ,stability structure and health. Charles will alos be teaching a Deep Dive into ward off and roll back. in order to push without force in your push hands practice.

Nell Marshall

Is a retired Public librarian. She has studied Tai Chi for ten years with Robert smith., and another twenty years with his student Warren Connor. Nell continues her studies with david Cohen and Qigong for ten years with Paul Rischard and Peaceable Dragon. Nell will be teaching alignment and minimalism. Start with the largest outline and carve away to the essentials. What's left are the keys to power and relaxation.

David Cohen started his Tai CHI journey in 1991, with Sifu Jeffery Gay in Greenville NC. IN 2005 David left NC and moved to Virginia. In 2013 David met his next(Richard Clear) instructor at a Tai Chi event in Albany NY. 
David studied with Richard until 2019, David also holds a teaching certification from Mark Rasmus to teach the Science of Elastic Force. At this workshop david will teach Chi cultivation.  Learn how to transform air we breath to usable chi and store it in the body. for Tai Chi practice and . Health, Better meridian flow will also learn how to amplify the vibrational qualities of our chi.  For organ health.
David will also teach a workshop on the skills needed to use your Tai Chi for self defense. Ting, song and other skills, useful for fighting.

More classes to be announced.


Camp Paddy Run, Star Tannery Virginia.

7 INSTRUCTORS WILL BE ON HAND To Teach 15-20, one hour classes.

on all aspects of Tai Chi. Healing , Swords , alignments, Song, self defense and more

Four cabins have 10-12 bunks in a rustic setting, or bring a tent.

Food will be provided Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to come Friday night. Meet the instructors and see some demonstrations of what the teachers have in store.

Cost is 310.00. Including room and board and the classes.

My apologies, This event has been cancelled.

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